Before and After

Bountiful, Utah Apple Tree Before and After Pruning

Bountiful Apple Tree Before Pruning
Bountiful Utah Apple Tree After Pruning
This tree located in Bountiful, Utah was blanketed with snow the day before it was pruned. The best time to prune fruit trees and other ornamental trees and shrubs is during the winter and early spring while your tree is still dormant. Because of the seasonal nature of our business, the earlier we can start your project the better. Waiting too late in the spring to schedule your project may cause us to miss our window of opportunity. Don't delay, call (801) 987-0183 today!

Magna, Utah Apple Tree Before and After Pruning

Magna Utah Apple Tree Before Pruning
Magna Utah Apple Tree After Pruning
This apple tree located in Magna, Utah was planted in the center of the front lawn. Although unusual, It is the best place on this particular property because of the sunny south facing slope. Simply Trees understands that productivity is an important factor in fruit tree pruning, but in residential settings, your fruit trees are also an important part of your landscape. Simply Trees is committed to pruning your fruit trees in such a way that productivity and aesthetics are taken into account to ensure a healthy, fruitful, and beautiful tree.