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Simply Trees is a Tree Service Company in Salt Lake City, Utah Specializing in Pruning Fruit Trees and Other Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Debora Maple Before Pruning in Kaysville Utah

Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs in Salt Lake City, Utah

Trees are native to forested areas, where they compete with surrounding trees for light. This natural environment promotes a good, strong central leader with a healthy canopy to catch the energy from the sun. In Urban landscapes, trees are typically planted in the middle of your landscape as individual specimens or in a small group were they can grow free from competition. This allows trees to grow rapidly in every direction. If left unchecked these trees can develop problems that could cause permanent damage to the tree itself and/or your personal property. Most ornamental trees should be pruned every few years and ornamental shrubs should be pruned yearly. If you have any question about your trees call 801-987-0183 today. To schedule your pruning or consultation.

Pruning Fruit Trees in Salt Lake City, Utah

Espalier Fruit Tree Pruning Salt Lake City Utah
Fruit trees use a lot of energy on growing, that could be used towards the tree's fruit production.
Slowing a trees growth by pruning can also increase the lifespan of your tree. It takes years for your tree to grow and fully mature. Once your tree is established, wouldn't you like it to live a long productive life?

Properly pruned fruit trees require less maintenance. If your tree is pruned correctly, you should not need to thin as much fruit, or prop up branches that are sagging from the weight of the ripening fruit. Thinning branches will allow light and air flow through your tree, decreasing the possibility of fungi, molds, blights, aphids, mites, and other pests. Fruit trees that have been pruned are also easier to spray for those pests.

Pruning Roses in Salt Lake City, Utah

Pruning Roses in Salt Lake City Utah
Roses are one of the most popular ornamental plants in the garden, even though they can be one of the most difficult to care for. It's true that chopping them back each year, and the occasional mildew and aphid treatment seems to treat them well, but most gardeners have never seen a rose's true potential. With proper pruning you can minimize the amount of chemical pesticide applied to these plants, and you will find that your blossoms will double in size, which will add even more color (and bragging rights) to your garden.

Pruning Grapes in Salt Lake City, Utah

Grape Vine Pruning
Grape vines can grow up to 25 ft in a single year. There's nothing wrong with that, except if you let them go for two or three years, you could be in for a tangled mess. It's also important to know that fruit only develops on the newer wood. It's not uncommon for grapes to completely take over your fence, arbor, or pergola. Sometimes they will even decide to take over a neighboring tree. Grape vines are most attractive and productive if pruned yearly. What is left of your pruning can also be used for house hold crafts like wreaths and garlands.

Pruning Brambles in Salt Lake City, Utah

Pruning Brambles in Salt Lake City Utah
Brambles include many popular fruiting plants, including raspberries, blackberries, and boysenberries. These are often pruned incorrectly, leading to meager picking. There are two varieties, one that bears fruit once during the season, and varieties that are termed "ever bearing". It is important to know the difference, because each variety will need to be pruned differently.